Shawahig Engineering

Shawahig for aluminum and pvc products

As a result of the development, prosperity and urban boom in the field of construction that the country witnessed, and to complement the fine aesthetics in architecture, it was necessary to establish a factory                       Under the name of Canary Aluminum Factory in the year 2000 AD.                       To provide the finest types of service provided in the aluminum industry and cover the needs of the market from it and meet the requirements of the major consulting companies in the country                       In the year 2013 AD, a new line was added to manufacture PVC doors, windows and partitions.                       Factory location:                       Presidency of the site in the new industrial zone in Khartoum, Jabra, square 35, south of the local market, Khartoum, with an area of ​​3000 square meters.                       Factory workforce:                       The best technical and administrative cadres with a laboratory mug were selected in the development of the aluminum and PVC industry in Sudan. The factory also includes a number of foreign expertise to implement projects, train national cadres, and increase their ability to keep pace with globalization.                       The factory trains young national cadres in the field of aluminum and vpc in cooperation with educational and training institutions:                       Al Sadan University of Science and Technology                       Kadru military training center                       Sectors used:                       The factory works on all sectors of aluminum according to international specifications and in all known colors.                       Technical specifications of the aluminum sectors:                       The factory uses the factory's Tango aluminum strip, which has been modified to suit the weather and climatic conditions in Sudan. The Barqon sector for hospitals and hotels is also used according to the following specifications:                       Sectors are designed to prevent dust penetration, rain and air conditioning leaks                       Loading high humidity and temperature and not affecting the barbarians fixing the glass                       Strip thicknesses (1.5-2 mm)                       Microns (Bs 6486) powder coating (60-130)                       Anode 18 ونm Full Polishing (Silver and Bronze)                       The sectors are designed to withstand maximum load on them without affecting them and allow door movements without malfunction                       Sectional accessory used is stainless                       All accessories (handles, locks, hinges and all work supplies are aluminum or its own).                       Technical specifications of PVC sectors                       The factory depends on the finest Turkish profile and the German accessory                       Profile thickness 0.5 ml.                       Inner struts are made of galvanized iron with a thickness of 1.2 mm and it is resistant to rust and moisture                       German used accessories are manufactured in European quality                       The PVC sectors used are of different colors and are resistant to high temperatures, dust and water. Its colors are not affected by the harsh natural factors in Sudan.                       the glass:                       High-purity glass is used in different thicknesses - transparent reflective _ green - blue - and all types of glass are common in Sudan