The company aims to always be a leader in contracting companies in the country

The company places customers at the center of its attention

Compliance with all laws and legislations related to quality, environment, safety and occupational health

About engineering highlights

The company arose

Shawaq Engineering is one of the leading national companies that played an essential role in building services, construction, and contracting. The company has successfully constructed many strategic and national projects and has participated in a large boom in the construction industry on a large scale since the year 2000 AD. The company has maintained the largest share in building hospitals and medical centers across the country, and has also expanded to facilities outside the country

Company plan

Our commitment

We are committed to providing business and services that exceed the expectations of our customers and our customers. We adhere to safety, occupational health and environmental regulations wherever we are, in our offices, and all locations of projects. We adhere to all technical specifications and advanced design aspects. Which are requested by the customer in technical, environmental and health terms

We are committed to applying all local, national, regional and international standards for this industry using human and material resources, equipment and tools

Our skill

We employ highly skilled staff and professional expertise and our fields include management, construction management, project management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and health and safety engineering, financial studies, economics, operation and supervision

.Our policy insists that all employees receive proper, appropriate and continuous training

Our message

The implementation of projects entrusted to the professional and honesty through a distinguished and dedicated qualitative work team, concerned with customer satisfaction and using the latest quality standards, and seeks to keep abreast of developments in the sector constantly

Our top priority. We fulfill our customers' desires by understanding what exceeds their requirements

Our greatest power. We encourage them to reach their full potential because they are a valuable resource, respected members and a highly qualified team.

The key to success. We set our goals to be consistently and better at improving and improving work methods and accomplishing tasks, whether individual or as a team

Our future. We strive to be the preferred partner for the best engineering expertise in Sudan, and to share with them all the successful growth in the global economy.

We have the edge of competition; we encourage new ideas, new technologies and new ways of working to secure a sustainable competitive advantage in our business.

Welcome to Shawahig Engineering

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all types of buildings

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Daily prices for materials

Today's price

Building materials 2020/04/09

  1. Tons of cement : 11.000/ sud
  2. soft4 rebar for tons : 62.000/ sud
  3. soft5 rebar for tons : 63.000/ sud
Today's price

Finishing and decor 2020/04/09

  1. Wall Ceramics 20*50 : 535/ sud
  2. Pipe 4 * 8 one milliliter : 970/ sud
Today's price

Ready Mixed Concrete2020/04/09

  1. Ceilings suspended square meters : 50/ sud
  2. Ground floor square meter : 60/ sud
  3. First floor square meter : 70/ sud
  4. Second floor square meter : 85/ sud
  5. A third floor square meter : 100/ sud



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